I am a user and I need to find specialist for my project.

If you need to find a specialist in Brico.BG you can visit the Search section of the website. You will then be able to apply your preferences - which town you are located at, what service you are looking for and what language you want to speak with your handyman. Then you need to click the Submit button and the results will appear on your screen. Then you can click on any contact in order to see the details of the selected specialist. There you will find what services they provide, which towns they operate at and how to get in touch with them. At this point the role of Brico.BG is only to provide the contacts of the specialist to the searching party. Brico.BG will not intervene nor provide any additional services between the parties. It will be up to the client and the specialist to communicate and agree on terms.


In case you decide you want to get Brico.BG involved and assist you finding the best specialist or team of specialists you need to follow the instructions in this article and get in touch with us.