I am a user and I want Brico BG to assist me with finding the best specialist for my projects.

If you want to get Brico.BG involved in your project then you need to send us a message with correct contact details which we will use to get back to you. This is a paid service (50 BGN) so in order for us to complete your request we will need to proceed as described below:


  1. You (the requestee) send an email using this form with your requirements.
  2. We will check our database and if we have the resources we will send a reply back to the contact email with an invoice to be paid via bank transfer. 
  3. The fee to be paid is 50 BGN.
  4. Upon payment we will send you the contact details of the specialist back to you.
  5. You will be contacting the specialists and agree on terms for your project directly.


Should you have any concerns with the specialists you can get in touch with us for more information.