What services are provided by Brico.BG to specialists?

Brico.BG offers three levels of subscription

  1. Bronze - This level allows you to set up a specialist profile with basic information, contact details so that you can be directly contacted by clients. Bronze Registration is free.
  2. Silver - With Silver Registration you are able to add images to your profile page of work that you completed, so that clients get a better idea about the level of quality that you offer based on past projects. The price of Silver Registration is 99 lv per calendar year.
  3. Gold - Gold Registration builds on the Silver Registration, however, this level gives the opportunity for Brico.bg to contact you directly with client requests to which you can provide an offer. To register for Gold, the price is 149 leva per calendar year.


Brico.bg offers 6 months free registrations for all newly registered specialists at the highest Gold level. You get the opportunity to build your professional profile and present yourself to potential customers through your personalised webpage on Brico.bg for the first 6 months of registration. After the expiry of the 6-month period, you can transition to the Bronze registration, or choose one of the other two advanced options – Silver or Gold.